is the water in the basement half full or half empty?

Here’s something that has failed to be communicated to residents. Apparently there is water leaking into the basement of 22 Church Street.  Read all about it in Project #72391 – Investigation of water infiltration into basement: A listed benefits of this investigation is identifying areas of concern that need to be addressed sooner rather than […]

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According to a recent survey

Another Capital Project worth questioning is #12032 – Resident Survey:   Under benefits of this $30,000 spend it states that the results of the survey “could be” used by the entire organization to increase engagement and customer satisfaction. Could be. Or not. It’s only $30,000. It is telling that given the opportunity town staff fails to […]

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The Appraisal Process

Reviewing the Town of Aurora’s 2019 budget documents reads like long list of fixing issues that previous politicians have swept under the rug in hopes they would go away until after they left office. Take for example Capital Project #13020:   Under service impact we read that the Town of Aurora has neglected to appraise […]

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that’s not lemonade!

No surprise to anyone, the electronic sign at Yonge & Aurora Heights is currently non functional.  Here is a photo I took of it last Thursday morning in its preferred off state: I last posted on this huge steaming pile of fail back in April of 2017. It was during the February 28th, 2017 meeting […]

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water beats scissors

There is a massive communications breakdown in the Town of Aurora’s 2019 budget process which becomes obvious the moment one attempts to engage with it. It is so bad that at the February 21st meeting to deal with the town’s operating budget, not one but two councillors raised issues as to how the budget is […]

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Aurora’s selfie shtick

  At last Thursday’s budget meeting a new staff position came up in the discussions, you can read about this $40,000 role here: Clr. Kim was confused and asked for clarification at the 40:00 minute mark, you can tune in here: So apparently in other municipalities, which ones were not specified, a town or city […]

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the most unkindest cut of all

Tomorrow night at Town Hall is a scheduled budget meeting to review impacts to the Operating budget. On the agenda will be The Aurora Public Library, The Aurora Cultural Centre and the Aurora Historical Society. I have issues with the fact that these 3 organizations are grouped together at budget time and one of them is […]

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street smarts

According to item 6-51 – 34409 Smart Car Replacement (#400-19) of the town’s 2019 capital budget it still owns and operates its 2008 “Smart” car: The last time I saw it being trotted out was when the CAO’s office used it as a glorified shopping cart. The car has proven to have several safety and maintenance […]

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Sport (of Sorts) Aurora

In his August 12th, 2014 letter to the Aurora Robert Cook pointed out that obviously there is a strong sports lobby in Aurora. I see Sport Aurora as less of a lobby and more of a cult.  Positioned as a Sports Jesus where only through it will Aurora’s delivery of Sports see salvation. Michelle Boyer’s letter this […]

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