Nothing is more impotent than an unread library

This April 10th Error Banner piece tells us that the Town of Aurora Public Library has laid of 28 of its 33 staff. In a statement the CEO offers these empty words “This is the new reality and we are doing the best we can”. An interesting take, especially when the City of Toronto showed […]

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The 2015 Aurora Chamber (Going Out of) Business Directory

The zombified corpse of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce continued to drain what little remains of its conservative blue coloring revealed in a damning, but not unexpected summary of its operations in this week’s Auroran: It was announced at their 2014 AGM that the Aurora Chamber plunged into the red ink to the amount […]

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Whut DaweFuq?

Mayor Dawe has referred to the lead up to the municipal election as “silly season”. After tossing his dandy hat into the ring he is proving he’s not averse to supplying his own brand of silliness. Over on Clr. Buck’s blog an interesting comment was made: I would like to refer to Mayor Dawe’s Column […]

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