accept no substitutes

It’s eight months until the election and council has declared itself too much of lame duck to #getthingsdone when it comes to the matter of regional representation. I find it laughable when Clr. Humfreys states it doesn’t “make sense at the moment” and it would have been nice if council had this motion at the […]

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The Bong Show

ABC renewed its reboot of The Gong Show for a second season, but here in Aurora, the YouTube variety show that airs Tuesdays is likely not returning with the same cast come October. As reported in this February 1st Auroran piece Clr. Pirri put on his best Arte Johnson and slammed the gong down on an […]

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unstable neighbourhoods

The Town of Aurora’s strategic goal to “provide an exceptional quality of life for all” experienced a huge setback earlier last month when it was recognized the lack of setback between two properties allowed one neighbour to effectively fence in another. The best part is it was all done to the letter of the law as […]

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