The bylaw of averages

Back on January 28th the Town of Aurora’s Bylaw Department spokesperson was quoted in the paper stating “our enforcement efforts will be focused on non-compliant businesses”. Because the Town of Aurora has chosen not to communicate the activity of its weekly bylaw enforcement with residents on its own website in an open and transparent manner […]

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Throw Me A Frickin’ Bone Here!

December 10th 2020 Mayor Mrakas stated that “we can’t continue lockdowns”: Yet here we are January 12th and not only have we continued lockdowns but the Province has issued a second state of emergency that includes a stay at home order. Just because an elected official don’t want something to happen doesn’t mean it can’t. […]

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Deplore Aurora

Back at the start of the Pandemic something called “ExploreAurora” was initiated by the Aurora Business Continuity Task Force and managed by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. It is a ghost town, yet if you can make it through the tumbleweeds to the About section it claims that this online guide will include “real time […]

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Keeping it Casual

When the Aurora Holliday Inn officially opened this month nothing could stop the rush of town councillors to get their photo taken at the obligatory photo-op. I’ve taken the liberty to circle some of the issues from this event in a game of “spot the stupid”: 1.) Vanity trumps public health when 9 people are […]

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lost in the weeds

In the middle of a pandemic   that has claimed the lives of Aurorans,  to riots going on in the states who the fuck has time to complain about dandelions? It’s not your typical Karen but resident zombie Robert the Bruce: Oh my god, the horror!  The YRDSB which has significantly altered its operations due […]

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Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy

There’s a pandemic going on and it looks like certain staff members at town hall are desperately seeking escapism.  Yesterday they shared this facebook post: In traditional fashion instead of using an authentic photo of Aurora citizens taken by their full time Digital Strategist, they have used a stock photo: But it’s the message I […]

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Knock knock jokes

Last Thursday I went to open my storm door and couldn’t. The culprit, a rolled up flyer for someone selling cat parts. WTF? Someone is seriously delivering flyers door to door during the covid19 outbreak? Days go by and the news is filled with multiple levels of government pointing fingers at each other with respect […]

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one ounce of pr-event-ion

It appears the Era Banner crawled out from under their rock and updated its Aurora page for the first time in 2 weeks. In doing so they failed to update their list of events: The fact is all of these events are cancelled due to COVID19. By failing to update their content The Banner is […]

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No news is not good news

Today is March 15th, There have been a lot of announcements and notices to unpack over the past 3 days including one of a global pandemic. Since then the Town of Aurora announced several changes to the schedules of its operations which The Auroran covered on March 13th. Yet when one glances over on the […]

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The Aurora Winter Ewwwws Festival

The Aurora Winter Blues Festival is Music Aurora’s only offering after they failed twice to establish a “legacy Summer Music Festival, and dropped their poorly attended series of Porch Fests. This year’s event which is scheduled to happen next weekend and has yet to sell out its tickets: It is more concerning that organizers have […]

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