not a spark of decency

At the April 25th Special Meeting of Council the Aurora Economic Dev Corp (AEDC) made a presentation to council, you can watch it here. As a member of that committee Marilee Harris delivered the presentation, on its slides it stated that the AEDC “works with partners”. Harris also chimed in to emphasize that Aurora needs […]

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Diversity and Inclusion for some, miniature Aurora flags for others

Some days more than others the town of Aurora feels like Simpson’s Springfield. On Sunday September 25th at the Aurora Public Library Virtual Meet the Candidates event Mayor elect Tom Mrakas felt a lot like Bob Dole. Amongst his scripted list of accomplishments Mrakas stated “Together we’ve demonstrated Aurora’s commitment to diversity and inclusion through […]

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Putting the art before the horse

Back in 2010 the MorMac government set president of rubber stamping the flaming peace in-front of town hall. In addition to commenting on how inspiration for said piece appears to have come from an aftermarket Ford truck grill I pointed out how then Clr MacHeckron was too impatient to wait for a public policy stating […]

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Downtown Aurora M.I.A.

Back on March 17th the Yonge & St. Clair BIA released a post to alert citizens to head online and support local shops.  That was also a month ago, a very fast reaction to the pandemic. They followed this up on March 23rd by announcing a $500 Digital Growth Grant.  This initiative is to help […]

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Bullsh!t In Action

Come to Downtown Aurora. It has all your favourite shops and amenities from Pickering, but the traffic and parking are worse! And that’s according to the comments on the Downtown Aurora Business Improvement Area’s facebook page: Oh and if you are lucky enough to come when the same BIA is hosting a piggyback event to […]

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