just like falling off a tricycle

I’m curious if accepting campaign donations from Frank Stronach and/or his dysfunctional family comes with the unwritten expectation the sitting Mayor of Aurora do photo-ops riding his latest contraption. Almost 3 years ago I wrote this post on Stronach’s last non-car vehicle failure: BionX. Then touted as “the world’s most advanced – and most desired […]

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till the e-wheels fall off

9 years ago the Toronto Star ran a piece featuring Manfred Gingl, a former chief executive of Magna and one of Frank Stronach’s closest confidants, and the new outfit called Bionx. The Star article outlines how Bionx was formed after purchasing Energy Propulsion Systems Inc., a Quebec-based maker of e-bike retrofit kits. Fewer than 8,000 […]

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Echo Park

Back in 2012 Frank Stronach proposed an 83-acre “ecological legacy”  In this March 2013 Banner piece Mayor Dawe is quoted as saying “The park could be under construction by 2014, adding Mr. Stronach would like it to happen as soon as possible.” It’s 4 years on, there’s no park and questions are starting to circulate […]

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