Belinda’s Millions

2.5 years ago Aurora’s own Paris Hilton was pimping out a $200/month protein powder as covered in the Financial post. Yesterday the LA Times ran a piece on the 73-page suit filed against Belinda as chairman and president of The Stronach group. The contents of the suit were first reported by the Thoroughbred Daily News.  The Toronto […]

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till the e-wheels fall off

9 years ago the Toronto Star ran a piece featuring Manfred Gingl, a former chief executive of Magna and one of Frank Stronach’s closest confidants, and the new outfit called Bionx. The Star article outlines how Bionx was formed after purchasing Energy Propulsion Systems Inc., a Quebec-based maker of e-bike retrofit kits. Fewer than 8,000 […]

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the home of innovation

Remember the vision statement in the Town of Aurora’s almighty strategic plan? The second word of which is “innovative”. Our former CAO emphasised that this strategic plan would not sit on a shelf but be a living document.  In May of 2015 a report card was produced to communicate the status of action items in […]

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Aurora’s Hallmark Moment

In 2008 Hallmark Cards began its restructuring by cutting 195 jobs in Toronto. Cuts were increased in 2013 wiping out 75 jobs here in Aurora. Last year assets from Aurora’s Distribution Center were auctioned off leaving the only remaining evidence of them as part of Aurora’s economy being the rather large empty shell of a building on […]

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