just like falling off a tricycle

I’m curious if accepting campaign donations from Frank Stronach and/or his dysfunctional family comes with the unwritten expectation the sitting Mayor of Aurora do photo-ops riding his latest contraption. Almost 3 years ago I wrote this post on Stronach’s last non-car vehicle failure: BionX. Then touted as “the world’s most advanced – and most desired […]

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Deplore Aurora

Back at the start of the Pandemic something called “ExploreAurora” was initiated by the Aurora Business Continuity Task Force and managed by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. It is a ghost town, yet if you can make it through the tumbleweeds to the About section it claims that this online guide will include “real time […]

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The Greatest Snowman?

Last Monday Clr. Harold Kim posted to a local facebook group regarding issues residents have had with sidewalk plowing this season: Interesting because both the Town of Aurora and the mayor haven’t acknowledged any issues residents have been having through their social channels over the past 2 months. In fact if you go back 2 […]

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Give me a B, Give me an R, Give me an E, Give me an A, Give me a K. What’s that spell?

The response from our elected officials to the steady stream of letters hitting The Auroran about the nearing $60 million White Elephant that is Library Square should have been extending the opportunity for productive dialogue. Instead what got spat back to us was Clr Humfreys adorning her cheerleader uniform to try and muzzle the outcry […]

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Reading the room

Back during the May 5th GC meeting Clr. Gaertner asks for a written delegation to be read into the record. You can watch @ 17:56 The mayor declines to read it, but offers Clr. Gartner the opportunity to read it, and this is where everything falls off the rails. Instead of reading a simple written […]

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Knock knock jokes

Last Thursday I went to open my storm door and couldn’t. The culprit, a rolled up flyer for someone selling cat parts. WTF? Someone is seriously delivering flyers door to door during the covid19 outbreak? Days go by and the news is filled with multiple levels of government pointing fingers at each other with respect […]

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The MisGiving Tree

Earlier this month Mayor Mrakas wrote a post on “Protecting Aurora’s Tree canopy”. It it he reinforced “the protection and stewardship of existing trees is the most effective means of achieving greater tree cover and leaf areas”. The Mayor suggests more needs to be done with respect to trees in private property. “We need to […]

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Parking, the lost battle in Aurora

A recent application proves there is no point for residents to attempt to maintain the parking they already have, let alone ensure that increased capacity matches infill developments that happen around them. Mayor Mrakas recently announced that 56 purpose-built rentals to be built at 145 and 147 Wellington Street west is a done deal, to […]

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Sorry we’re… closed?

This morning Mayor Mrakas, trying to milk his recent non-announcement, posted this to his facebook page: The problem is he talks about the need for the town to invest without recognizing the return on investments the town has already made. Let’s start with the town’s never fully functional website. The Economic Development page holds 3 […]

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Notorious BIG Announcement

According to a Feb 12th Facebook post by Mayor Mrakas there was supposed to be a capital BIG announcement during his State of the Town address this past Wednesday: The post includes an image that says “Office of the Mayor” but it is unclear if this is prepared the mayor himself or via the Town […]

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Getting Things Undone

Apparently Mayor Mrakas is playing the Representation by Population card at the Regional council table. He is advocating for a reduction of 11 members of Regional council as a correction that could result in a $600,000 savings. The question I have is if a correction is necessary, and cost efficiencies are being used to justify […]

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Shitters full

While one person has been arrested for duping buckets of feces on people in Toronto, in Hamilton an entire city council and staff have been caught. Instead of a couple buckets, Hamilton is undeniably guilty of spilling 24 billion litres of raw sewage into the Chedoke Creek. City councillors had known since January that enough […]

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