The MisGiving Tree

Earlier this month Mayor Mrakas wrote a post on “Protecting Aurora’s Tree canopy”. It it he reinforced “the protection and stewardship of existing trees is the most effective means of achieving greater tree cover and leaf areas”. The Mayor suggests more needs to be done with respect to trees in private property. “We need to […]

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open and shut data

Today is International Open Data Day. Anyone can organize an Open Data Day event. The City of Hamilton does. As of March 2019 there are 66 municipalities that have open data portals in Canada. Toronto adopted their Open Data Master plan, have an Open Data team that does active AMA on reddit and solicits feedback […]

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Aurora’s Flurry Plows

In 2011 the Town of Aurora equipped their snowplow fleet with GPS units at a cost of $70,000. 3 years later in 2014 the town approved new Winter maintenance service levels with the reported goal to “create the perception of unchanged or increased service levels”. This is when they introduced Where Is My Plow , […]

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Shitters full

While one person has been arrested for duping buckets of feces on people in Toronto, in Hamilton an entire city council and staff have been caught. Instead of a couple buckets, Hamilton is undeniably guilty of spilling 24 billion litres of raw sewage into the Chedoke Creek. City councillors had known since January that enough […]

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Yet we forget

The Aurora Legion’s Mission Statement according to their website reads “We Will Remember Them”: Yet back on June 6th, when the nation observed the 75th anniversary of D-Day we learned that this mission was not fulfilled: By comparison Markham was doing this: Newmarket managed to remember via an exhibit. Uxbridge even brought a parade to […]

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Don’t speak. I know what you’re thinking. I don’t need your reasons. Don’t tell me ’cause it hurts.

Both King Township and Nemarket announced this past week that they were launching digital engagement portals using service provider Bang The Table. Bang The Table has 8 offices with solutions deployed to 365 clients worldwide. Listed among other Canadian municipalities with populations between 20 and 100,000 is Innisfil.  Newmarket tendered for a 1 year pilot.  King signed a […]

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One (Quarter) in the Chamber

I retrieved the Aurora Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Buyers’ Guide from the gutter this morning. It was delivered there separate from any other materials. In the past it has been delivered with the Era Banner. The introduction on page 2 states that the Chamber represents over 600 members, yet the guide only lists 521. I’m […]

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the home of innovation

Remember the vision statement in the Town of Aurora’s almighty strategic plan? The second word of which is “innovative”. Our former CAO emphasised that this strategic plan would not sit on a shelf but be a living document.  In May of 2015 a report card was produced to communicate the status of action items in […]

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Irony. It’s like goldy and silvery but made out of iron.

Heavy metals are metallic chemical elements that have a relatively high density. Not unlike the editors of a paper honoured for overall excellence both nationally and internationally. Last week I posted about how said paper demonstrated said excellence by using a photo of downtown Newmarket alongside a story of Aurora : If that wasn’t […]

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Aurora’s new Trophy Wife

Now that awards season is behind us has everyone fully recovered from the “Town of Aurora Heritage Awards of Excellence” ? If not I can’t blame you. The dramatic upset of this year’s awards came when Aurora itself was edged out by Newmarket Main Street Holdings Corporation. That’s right the new Aw, Shucks! building on […]

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webslight of hand

To say that the Town of Aurora’s corporate website has resulted in continuous face-palms from myself and the community at large would be an overstatement. I can’t even begin to imagine what first impressions those that don’t live here have when they hit the landing page other than dizziness and nausea. I wrote a […]

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you don’t always get what you pay for

According to this Error Banner article from last November the Town of Aurora will be rolling out a new website in just over a month: This is one initiative that is long overdue, as I commented on it back in 2009 here: The Town of Aurora’s website is alarmingly outdated and restrictive. I […]

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noble experiment or fiscal chicanery?

The Town of Aurora’s Operating Budget is well underway but no one is saying it is nearly as sexy as Toronto’s 2014 Operating Budget: . Are you paying attention anyways? After reading this Globe and Mail article you may want to: I’m not suggesting that Aurora is guilty of what is outlined in […]

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it’s not what you don’t say but how you don’t say it

The shortcomings of the Town of Aurora’s Communications Department over the past 4 years have been an ongoing subject here on my blog. Back in this 2010 post: I pointed out how the Town’s CAO explained that the reason the town was hiring a Manager of Corporate Communications as such: “I think we want […]

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whining and dining

To no one’s suprise Clr. Ballard brought another redundant and rather insulting motion forward at the council meeting of November 27th. Several around the table questioned the need. Clr. Pirri pointed out several points of the unnecessarily lengthy motion that were factually incorrect. No one around the table approved of expensing alcohol, it is not […]

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Yabba Dabba Doofus

Disgraced Newmarket Councillor Chris Emanuel was seen yucking it up on page 23 of last week's Auroran for a Dream Halloween to benefit the Alzheimer's Society of York Region. I suspect the inspiration for his Flinstones costume stemmed from the fact that a peddle powered car is the only kind he's allowed to get behind the wheel […]

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