Makin’ their way. The only way they know how

The City of Richmond Hill’s official motto, “En la rose je fleuris” is derived from the Duke of Richmond’s coat-of-arms. During the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century Richmond Hill was the largest supplier of roses in Canada. In the 21st century Richmond Hill is poised to be Ontario’s most dysfunctional […]

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The Rebuke of York

Prince Andrew is just the latest in a string of reminders of how much a dumpster fire the British Royal Family is, and how as Canadians we should steer clear of it. It’s not a like the general public are surprised to find out how great a douche Andrew is, there has been more than […]

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(cough) the record

Thanks to Clr. Kim we learn from the April 10th council meeting that there are no meeting minutes of the Joint Ops monitoring task force. Kim goes one further to state, and rightly so that even when there are minutes, they are not reflective of the discussion that took place.  You can watch it here on the […]

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every Tom, Dick and Harry

Back in 2014 Prince Andrew made an appearance in Richmond Hill.  Only minutes away he couldn’t be convinced to visit in person to unveil a plaque so the town had to take it to him.  That didn’t stop the town from falsely claiming that he actually visited the park on their official website. Prince Andrew […]

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Unfinished Business

This July 20th news release from the town recognizes ProfitGuide naming Richmond Hill the 6th most lucrative place to do business : One day later the Banner reported that Vaughan ranked second best place in Ontario to do business, and eighth in the country.   They also beat out Richmond Hill for being the most lucrative […]

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