The monarch of all they survey

Back in July I posted about the Town of Aurora’s questionable choice to use stock imagery to engage our youth population. More recently the town decided to roll out a survey (yawn) targeted at skateborders. Because that’s what skateborders love to do, fill out surveys. So on the town’s facebook we see a notice with […]

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Monkeying Around with Surveys

The big news in the world of hacking is surrounding Russian interference with the US election. As that plays out there’s something going on closer to home we need to also get to the bottom of. We recently read that the Town of Aurora’s budget survey had been successfully hacked. ¬†Town’s CFO states: We received […]

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We asked 100 people

So disengaged from its residents the Town of Aurora’s Communications department has decided the way they’re going to get to know us better is by engaging us with the one thing that has proven not to work up to this point; another survey. Here’s a snapshot of the recent announcement on the town’s website: Remember […]

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