Grand Theft Photo

The Town of Aurora is running a low effort photo contest: Instead of using actual photos taken in Aurora, showcasing what they are seeking from applicants, they opted for uninspiring Getty stock images: Compelling budding photographers by using “One woman cross country skiing at sunset in ski resort”. because nothing says Aurora like photos from […]

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sign, steal & deliver?

Earlier today someone at the Town of Aurora attempted to be funny and posted this to their social accounts: The post claims this declaration to be signed all members of council. Here is the official declaration: One of these things look just like the others, and yes it’s the signatures. WTF? Is the Town of […]

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What’s the Sharepoint?

It is said that however beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. So today let’s take a deep dive on the Town of Aurora’s IT Strategic Plan. In June of 2018 Perry Group Consulting announced that they were “really pleased to have been selected by the Town of Aurora to help facilitate […]

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Civic Doody

Municipalities consider dog waste to be a dilema, not a lost cause. In 2018 Municipal World identified the risks and impacts and outlined solutions: As a result several municipalities have risen to meet the challenge. Here’s how Toronto “gets things done”: In 2018, the City audited Garbage and Blue Bins in a number of Toronto […]

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Them’s Fighting Wards

Looks like Aurora’s Robert The Bruce wasn’t content to bitch about dandelions on school properties during this pandemic. Now he’s got his his kilt in a knot about wards. Nothing like being 6 months late to a party. It has taken ages to bring Aurora out of the dark ages, and to do so the […]

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Give me a B, Give me an R, Give me an E, Give me an A, Give me a K. What’s that spell?

The response from our elected officials to the steady stream of letters hitting The Auroran about the nearing $60 million White Elephant that is Library Square should have been extending the opportunity for productive dialogue. Instead what got spat back to us was Clr Humfreys adorning her cheerleader uniform to try and muzzle the outcry […]

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The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has listed a page of numerous communities whose local leaders have stepped up for their communities. Among them we learn Prince Edward County developed a website that updates residents on businesses offering products and services. And did Aurora make the list? No, and who would expect them to given the […]

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Adding value or adding noise

First it was links to Disneyland, now the Town of Aurora’s vapid social channels are shovelling crosswords at us: Work from home means actual work, the kind that adds value to the town not sad attempts at justifying the continuation of your job. Since when did citizens require the Town to disseminate BuzzFeed style content? […]

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Downtown Aurora M.I.A.

Back on March 17th the Yonge & St. Clair BIA released a post to alert citizens to head online and support local shops.  That was also a month ago, a very fast reaction to the pandemic. They followed this up on March 23rd by announcing a $500 Digital Growth Grant.  This initiative is to help […]

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Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy

There’s a pandemic going on and it looks like certain staff members at town hall are desperately seeking escapism.  Yesterday they shared this facebook post: In traditional fashion instead of using an authentic photo of Aurora citizens taken by their full time Digital Strategist, they have used a stock photo: But it’s the message I […]

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Smartphone Dumbtown

While the Town of Aurora has spent 2 attempts over 5 years and $140,000 on their corporate website only for it to remain a hot mess the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury is poised to get a new smartphone app. Oh and the cost, well below the $70,000 website refresh, and that amount may qualify […]

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open and shut data

Today is International Open Data Day. Anyone can organize an Open Data Day event. The City of Hamilton does. As of March 2019 there are 66 municipalities that have open data portals in Canada. Toronto adopted their Open Data Master plan, have an Open Data team that does active AMA on reddit and solicits feedback […]

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A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good

Over a month ago the Town of Aurora announced it launched a new website. Proving that attention to detail is a huge challenge it appears the town’s communications department couldn’t even bother to spellcheck their own announcement: The claim is the the new website offers residents a cleaner, new look with updated features and more […]

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The Mayor’s Energy Challenged

Earlier today the Town of Aurora posted yet another a cheesy video to its poorly trafficked Youtube channel, this one featuring the mayor announcing a regional energy challenge to businesses: In closing the Mayor says “For more details click on the link”. One small problem.  There is no link. When one checks the description for […]

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Aurora’s Flurry Plows

In 2011 the Town of Aurora equipped their snowplow fleet with GPS units at a cost of $70,000. 3 years later in 2014 the town approved new Winter maintenance service levels with the reported goal to “create the perception of unchanged or increased service levels”. This is when they introduced Where Is My Plow , […]

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Bullsh!t In Action

Come to Downtown Aurora. It has all your favourite shops and amenities from Pickering, but the traffic and parking are worse! And that’s according to the comments on the Downtown Aurora Business Improvement Area’s facebook page: Oh and if you are lucky enough to come when the same BIA is hosting a piggyback event to […]

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Aurora’s Silent Majority

This February 21st piece in the Auroran raises valid questions on the effectiveness of the Town of Aurora’s public engagement capabilities. A range of opinions are captured with Clr. Gallo believes the town has failed miserably and the process is flawed. Clr Gilliland states that insufficient information has been communicated even though multiple events have […]

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Gift of the Garbe

Richmond Hill announced last week it has “parted ways” with its CAO / City Manager Neil Garbe. The Banner piece references his final meeting, which you can watch the item at 1:24:00 here: You may remember Garbe as he was the Town of Aurora’s CAO for 6 years and 7 months. He was hired to […]

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