Privacy is not for the passive

Back in November the Town of Aurora posted a notice to their poorly run facebook account about an Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario application: Shortly after the responses they received are very revealing: Apparently the site the Town of Aurora directed residents to was not only broken it was a privacy nightmare where it […]

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Stock in the mud

Recently the Town of Aurora took to social media in their predictably mediocre fashion and spat out this low effort post in hopes to attract members to an advisory committee: Instead of using a group photo of the current committee or past committee they did what they always do, spend time searching for a stock […]

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The Rebuke of York

Prince Andrew is just the latest in a string of reminders of how much a dumpster fire the British Royal Family is, and how as Canadians we should steer clear of it. It’s not a like the general public are surprised to find out how great a douche Andrew is, there has been more than […]

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Getting Things Dim

I’ve been away from the keyboard for the summer, but I’m back baby and there’s no shortage of stupid going on around town to discuss, so let’s get into it. Upon visiting the SARC today I notice the electric signboard is still down. Recently there was much noise about a new Economic Development Strategic plan […]

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the laws of repulsion

So busy self congratulating themselves on a meaningless ranking in Maclean’s Magazine the Town of Aurora has apparently had no time to respond to citizen inquiries as evidenced by this recent facebook post: When you can’t be bothered to put promotional magnets in citizens hands for them to disseminate you’ve failed as a town. When […]

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facebook event horizon

Almost a year has passed since my previous post and the Town of Aurora’s communication department still remains unable to successfully implement one of Facebook’s most powerful features. While the town manages to spew out several low effort facebook posts that no one likes or shares, it appears none of these are entered as events. […]

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how not to get noticed

Check out this “Community consultation notice” about a public open house that is occurring in less than 50 hours: And how did I learn about this? A town councillor posted it to social media. Surprised I went to verify the notice on any of the Town of Aurora’s mediocre media offerings and guess what. It’s […]

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displace speak

Having followed Aurora town politics closely for over a decade councillor Windy Gaertner never disappoints in sticking her foot in her mouth at every opportunity she turns on her mic. But at the April 16th General Committee meeting she wanted to stick her foot in the mouth of Aurora’s rental community. You can watch at […]

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the signs of indifference

The Town of Aurora’s Public meeting regarding Stable Neighbourhoods was 2 weeks ago.  Yet the town is still advertising it via it’s poorly designed lawn signs. Here is a photo of the still bent over P.O.S. at the corner of Hill and Orchard Heights as of today: 2 weeks. I suspect these signs are now […]

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a league of their groan

The Town of Aurora just announced a contest to increase subscriptions to it’s mundane e-newsletter Aurora Mutters: The curious thing here is the prize that was chosen is tickets to see the Toronto Blue Jays. I guess no one on town staff saw a problem with using tax dollars to purchase tickets to a sports […]

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Yawn Signs

The Town of Aurora claims it wanted your feedback this past Wednesday March 27th at its Public Planning Meeting to deal with the contentious issue of stable neighbourhoods. So much so that they printed up lawn signs that stated this, with an exclamation mark so as to be sure to “get things done”. At that […]

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Be there, and be squared

Tonight the Town of Aurora is holding a special council meeting to provide the perception that they value public input while fully intending to proceed with a plan to build a $Multi-Million building and outdoor square downtown regardless of what public feedback they receive. Minds around the council will not deviate tonight.  It’s time to […]

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Town staff recently conducted a (yawn) focus group to get feedback on what people want to see on the town’s website sitemap. Here’s a suggestion.  How about a working website, or is that somehow excluded from the town’s goal of providing an exceptional quality of life? The town’s website is one of the worst vehicles […]

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Aurora Sports Hollow Fame

On January 1st The Aurora Sport Hall of Fame spat out a low effort message to its social media channels wishing a prosperous new year to our town: Since then they have managed a whopping dozen or so messages, none of which have  disclosed how the organization is evolving. It is, as we learned in […]

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rolling up the sidewalks

There is nothing “exceptional” about the Town of Aurora’s snow clearing activities.  When compared to its peers in York Region they are adequate at best. Vaughan offers windrow clearing.  Aurora used to until growth made it too expensive, and it’s not returning anytime soon. Other municipalities are more environmentally conscious and reduced their salt application, […]

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According to a recent survey

Another Capital Project worth questioning is #12032 – Resident Survey:   Under benefits of this $30,000 spend it states that the results of the survey “could be” used by the entire organization to increase engagement and customer satisfaction. Could be. Or not. It’s only $30,000. It is telling that given the opportunity town staff fails to […]

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The Appraisal Process

Reviewing the Town of Aurora’s 2019 budget documents reads like long list of fixing issues that previous politicians have swept under the rug in hopes they would go away until after they left office. Take for example Capital Project #13020:   Under service impact we read that the Town of Aurora has neglected to appraise […]

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that’s not lemonade!

No surprise to anyone, the electronic sign at Yonge & Aurora Heights is currently non functional.  Here is a photo I took of it last Thursday morning in its preferred off state: I last posted on this huge steaming pile of fail back in April of 2017. It was during the February 28th, 2017 meeting […]

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water beats scissors

There is a massive communications breakdown in the Town of Aurora’s 2019 budget process which becomes obvious the moment one attempts to engage with it. It is so bad that at the February 21st meeting to deal with the town’s operating budget, not one but two councillors raised issues as to how the budget is […]

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Aurora’s selfie shtick

  At last Thursday’s budget meeting a new staff position came up in the discussions, you can read about this $40,000 role here: Clr. Kim was confused and asked for clarification at the 40:00 minute mark, you can tune in here: So apparently in other municipalities, which ones were not specified, a town or city […]

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the most unkindest cut of all

Tomorrow night at Town Hall is a scheduled budget meeting to review impacts to the Operating budget. On the agenda will be The Aurora Public Library, The Aurora Cultural Centre and the Aurora Historical Society. I have issues with the fact that these 3 organizations are grouped together at budget time and one of them is […]

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enough parking?

Earlier this month the Era Banner wrote an article on the capacity issues at Aurora’s GO station parking lot. We learn that the 69 new parking spaces added last year made little impact, forcing commuters to disperse and park on residential streets or park and return to a parking ticket. Last August I wrote a […]

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street smarts

According to item 6-51 – 34409 Smart Car Replacement (#400-19) of the town’s 2019 capital budget it still owns and operates its 2008 “Smart” car: The last time I saw it being trotted out was when the CAO’s office used it as a glorified shopping cart. The car has proven to have several safety and maintenance […]

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Confucius say…

The town has recently sent out a social media post that says that black plastic is not accepted in the blue bin recycling program: Yet their webpage dedicated to the bluebox program clearly has black plastic under the column “materials accepted”: I would say that is confusing. Also under that list is “coffee cups/hot beverage […]

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