Deplore Aurora

Back at the start of the Pandemic something called “ExploreAurora” was initiated by the Aurora Business Continuity Task Force and managed by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. It is a ghost town, yet if you can make it through the tumbleweeds to the About section it claims that this online guide will include “real time […]

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You are also what you don’t eat

The Good thing about shutting down all dine-in restaurants in Aurora due to Covid19 is that Aurorans are no longer at risk of getting sick from the establishments that refuse to comply with York Public Health’s rules. Back on March 4th the Era Banner reported violations between the period of February 24th and March 1st.  […]

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open and shut data

Today is International Open Data Day. Anyone can organize an Open Data Day event. The City of Hamilton does. As of March 2019 there are 66 municipalities that have open data portals in Canada. Toronto adopted their Open Data Master plan, have an Open Data team that does active AMA on reddit and solicits feedback […]

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already cheating on your road diet

Another accident occurred at Yonge and Wellington Saturday, February 29th. This February 24th Era Banner piece pitches the idea as one to “enhance safety for all road users and create a pedestrian-oriented environment”. It goes on to suggest the creation of a “dedicated turn lane at the congested Yonge and Wellington Street intersection”. Congested? No […]

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Getting Things Undone

Apparently Mayor Mrakas is playing the Representation by Population card at the Regional council table. He is advocating for a reduction of 11 members of Regional council as a correction that could result in a $600,000 savings. The question I have is if a correction is necessary, and cost efficiencies are being used to justify […]

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Shitters full

While one person has been arrested for duping buckets of feces on people in Toronto, in Hamilton an entire city council and staff have been caught. Instead of a couple buckets, Hamilton is undeniably guilty of spilling 24 billion litres of raw sewage into the Chedoke Creek. City councillors had known since January that enough […]

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the road more travelled

In this Sept. 27th piece from the Banner we learn that the Region has come out to announce how amazing it is at managing development in a fiscally responsible way. It’s $1.5-billion short on its forecasted 10-year roads construction budget. Over the next 10 years it will collect $300 million less than it had anticipated in […]

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DC Superheroes

Gordon Prentice, a former British MP writes a blog in Newmarket for over 5 years. His February 15th post on Development Charges and their impact concludes with the question: does growth pay for growth? As this coincides with my recent post on Mayor Dawe demanding the waiving of DCs as the only way for Aurora […]

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Silence is Golden

Jamie Lill’s Nov 4th letter to the Banner is a fitting response to Aurora Mayor La De Dawe’s motion concerning the banning of train whistles If Dawe seriously wanted to get a handle on costs for implementing all those crossing controls he could have spared staff time by simply looked at Markham, whose price tag is […]

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“If you play it safe in life you’ve decided that you don’t want to grow anymore.”

It isn’t Aurora’s residents who need to be “activated” it’s Aurora’s business community. Last month after news broke that Magna is extending their stay by 5 years there was no doubt celebration and selfies from councilors who are content with resting their laurels on one business. But what is the town of Aurora doing with respect to […]

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An active immagination

Back in April we learned that Aurora’s Regency Acres Public School has been working really hard for the past couple of years to get students up and active at school. That’s right the school is a participant in the existing York Region District School Board’s Healthy Schools and Workplaces program and modified the York Region’s […]

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how do you report potholes in 2015?

According to this April 17th news piece: York Region’s preferred methods for reporting road maintenance issue is either phoning dispatch at their extension or emailing this ridiculously long email address: TRN_roads_operations_dispatch@blahdeblah.blah One wonders why York Region would opt for such methods when by comparison Toronto has adopted an open standard (Open311) that allows approved mobile […]

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noble experiment or fiscal chicanery?

The Town of Aurora’s Operating Budget is well underway but no one is saying it is nearly as sexy as Toronto’s 2014 Operating Budget: . Are you paying attention anyways? After reading this Globe and Mail article you may want to: I’m not suggesting that Aurora is guilty of what is outlined in […]

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I see blind people

Like Aurora’s Strategic plan, York Region’s 40 year Strategic Plan is under way. It’s titled “Vision 2051” and you can learn more at this site: This new plan will supplant the current “Vision 2026” plan, which can be viewed here: It was interesting to read in this Era Banner article that “more than” 1,600  […]

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