Whose your Mayor?

York Region’s Mayors including Aurora’s Mayor Geoff Dawe do a lot of grandstanding about the need to increase representation at the regional level.
Yet when it comes to showing up on the larger scene they are no where to be seen.

Case in point this past Friday when "19 GTA Mayors" collectively called on the province and federal governments for financial aid to help pay for the region’s ice storm costs of at least $275 million.

Standing beside Rob Ford is "unelected" York Regional chair Bill Fisch.

You can watch the video clip on the 680 news site here:

What a pair these two make. Both have proven they have zero comprehension as to what constitutes fiscal management, but at least Ford was elected to his position.

If York’s Mayor’s truly wanted to add their support they should have been there standing in solidarity instead of sending a boy-sized administrator to do a Mayor’s job.


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