Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy

There’s a pandemic going on and it looks like certain staff members at town hall are desperately seeking escapism.  Yesterday they shared this facebook post: In traditional fashion instead of using an authentic photo of Aurora citizens taken by their full time Digital Strategist, they have used a stock photo: But it’s the message I […]

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Pulp affliction

Are you able to get the rapidly changing news in a timely fashion? If yes this means you are not relying on a weekly printed newspaper to do so. News is an essential service, but newspapers themselves not even close. During the covid19 pandemic having multiple papers delivered to your door isn’t just risky it […]

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Knock knock jokes

Last Thursday I went to open my storm door and couldn’t. The culprit, a rolled up flyer for someone selling cat parts. WTF? Someone is seriously delivering flyers door to door during the covid19 outbreak? Days go by and the news is filled with multiple levels of government pointing fingers at each other with respect […]

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