the road more travelled

In this Sept. 27th piece from the Banner we learn that the Region has come out to announce how amazing it is at managing development in a fiscally responsible way. It’s $1.5-billion short on its forecasted 10-year roads construction budget. Over the next 10 years it will collect $300 million less than it had anticipated in […]

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Inverted Darwinism

Back in May of 2015 Mayor Dawe announced that a video stream was “intended to provide residents a real-time opportunity to see how capital funds are being spent” on the Joint Ops Centre. Apparently, much to the Mayor’s surprise, showing residents exactly how capital funds are spent on a multi-million dollar project is a little […]

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turn on, tune in, opt out?

Back in 2010 one-term Mayor Phyllis Morris signed a petition to outlaw tanning beds.  Last month we learn how meaningless such a ban was. Not to be outdone 2 years later Mayor Dawe introduced a motion to go after contraband cigarettes.  Back in April, we learned that 1 in 3 of all cigarettes purchased in the province are […]

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re-sign-ed to failure

It’s been some months since I’ve posted, but every day I’ve driven past the Town’s electronic sign on Aurora Heights & Yonge I glance over to see if it’s operational. It’s always a gamble but I’ve learned the safe bet is on black, which is, of course, its current state.  This on the day council […]

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It Pays To Advertise

On May 12th a pharmacy on Yonge Street in Aurora was robbed of thousands of dollars worth of powerful narcotics.  The pharmacist is quoted in the Banner article claimed the robbers were very quick and seemed to know what they were doing. And how would said robbers know that this establishment carried narcotics? Well the […]

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In No-Good Company

The banner on the Town of Aurora’s YouTube channel features shiny happy people accompanied by the towns’ slogan: Designed to give the feel-good impression that these are the kinds of people you find in Aurora, it is one that is likely accepted without a second glance. There’s one small problem.  The cheesy image that’s been selected […]

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nothing to see here

It’s Emergency Preparedness Week which means here in Aurora it’s time to go on my annual search for a revised edition of the Town’s Crisis Communications Plan. A fruitless quest that I’ve posted on in 2015 and 2014. Why bother? Well, even as of today I have been unable to obtain confirmation via the town’s […]

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