Let the Midnight Special shine her light on me

On April Fools’ day last year the Auroran reported on council’s decision to convert streetlights to LED at an expected cost of just over $2.5 million. In the piece it was outlined that… Continue reading

Sugar coating the issue

According to ActivateAurora’s delegation to council recently all kids in Aurora are incapable of making healthy choices without parental intervention. The self-righteous presentation portrayed Aurora’s youth as sugar zombies descending upon the SARC… Continue reading

“I wonder where you are, And I wonder what you do…”

No this isn’t a post about the yawnfest line-up of sleeper music acts you’re likely to see at the Aurora “Cultural” Centre. It’s about getting noticed, and using resources effectively to get the… Continue reading

One (Quarter) in the Chamber

I retrieved the Aurora Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Buyers’ Guide from the gutter this morning. It was delivered there separate from any other materials. In the past it has been delivered with the… Continue reading

raise your words, not your voice

It’s 2016 and like everything else libraries are changing, but not all thses changes are desired nor appropriate. Up in Newmarket their library’s CEO thought it was somehow okay to hand out notices… Continue reading


Steve Fleck’s letter in the Nov 10th Auroran tackles how Aurorans get around precisely pointing out how everyone, drives, everywhere for everything.Fleck’s observations are eerily similar to that of Johnny Sanphillippo whose video… Continue reading

building a trench vs. digging a hole

The banners adorning main street in Aurora featuring veterans is an example of an impactful and well-executed project led by the Aurora Legion. By leveraging an underutilized canvas in a public space the Legion… Continue reading

coming in over budget

One of 3 pillars Mayor Dawe’s re-election campaign advanced was Stability. From his website we read: As we move into the next 4 years, if elected, I will continue ensure sound fiscal management… Continue reading

Once the bus goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it blows up. What do you do? What do you do?

When it comes to seniors is the Town of Aurora’s claim to supporting an “exceptional quality of life” authentic? Here is a post on the town’s Facebook page from September 23rd: Look at… Continue reading

“If you play it safe in life you’ve decided that you don’t want to grow anymore.”

It isn’t Aurora’s residents who need to be “activated” it’s Aurora’s business community. Last month after news broke that Magna is extending their stay by 5 years there was no doubt celebration and selfies from… Continue reading

Creating a Diversion

Back in the summer our house was the recipient of a blue GLAD bag paperclipped to this notice: We haven’t participated, nor are we likely to participate in said pilot program as it… Continue reading

Have Tech Expo, Will Travel

So the Aurora Chamber of Commerce held a Tech Expo last month: According to this Auroran piece they invited the Aurora business community … to King. WTF? Read that again. The event was… Continue reading

Echo Park

Back in 2012 Frank Stronach proposed an 83-acre “ecological legacy”  In this March 2013 Banner piece Mayor Dawe is quoted as saying “The park could be under construction by 2014, adding Mr. Stronach… Continue reading

Tax. Sweet, Sweet, Tax

Were you one of those negligent parents that god forbid handed out sugary candy on Halloween? Tsk Tsk Tsk!  If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.  Perhaps you… Continue reading

Hear, We Blow Again

Instead of tackling real issues like a $185,000+ deficit in their operating budget staring them in the face Mayor Dawe has reanimated the long dead and buried debate over silencing train horns in town.… Continue reading

Walk To The Hand

Remember how Mayor Dawe tweeted his dismay about how walk to school had been “eradicated” and then we learned there was no evidence to support such claim. While our Mayor, and some council… Continue reading

uproar and seven years ago

August 13th marks 7 years since I embarked on this blog. With 1,375 posts covering a wide range of affairs now behind me I can safely say I’m no stranger to Aurora’s machinations… Continue reading

Unfinished Business

This July 20th news release from the town recognizes ProfitGuide naming Richmond Hill the 6th most lucrative place to do business : One day later the Banner reported that Vaughan ranked second best… Continue reading

are we gonna let an elevator bring us down?

Although I agree with the real estate agent quoted in the July 20th edition of the Auroran that “Aurora is losing the entire demographics of 30 and 40 year olds because of the… Continue reading

the trash can is half full

One of only a handful of ways Aurora can actually claim to be providing an exceptional quality of life is through its waste diversion efforts. The Banner reports that Aurora is ahead of… Continue reading

23 birthday towns and Aurora ain’t​ one

Richmond Hill, not Aurora, has been chosen as one of 23 host communities for an immersive mobile dome village celebrating the country’s 150th anniversary next year. We learn that organizers of the sesquicentennial… Continue reading

Gardners, scholars say are the first sign of commitment to a community

The plan for Mavrinac Park that is before council Tuesday favors pickleball over pickles.  Although I’m glad common sense prevailed and Clr. Thom’s push to incorporate a ball diamond to service Aurora King… Continue reading

Life is like a 10 Speed Bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use

This week we learnt that Bike Share Toronto is expanding its bike sharing program. The very same week there were 18 reported collisions involving 20 pedestrians and cyclists, in a span of 24 hours. And… Continue reading

not in the bag

If one bothers to investigate, not that it’s worth your time, Nora Hillary is a background character in her own family, let alone that of the town of Aurora. As one of 9… Continue reading

holding the roll

We are now at the halfway point of 2016 and the Live Stream Video Archive on the town’s website has not been updated once this year. Videos of GC and Public Planning meetings… Continue reading

the case of the incredible disappearing school bus

Last Monday CP24 reported that The Toronto Catholic District School Board will see an additional $40 million in funding over the next two years for capital repairs representing a total of $107 million.… Continue reading

Short Changing Aurora’s Canada Day Parade

There seems to be endless discussion over the Black Lives Matter protest holding up this year’s Toronto Gay Pride parade by 30 minutes. In that same amount of time the entire Canada Day… Continue reading

The book to read is not the one that thinks for you but the one which makes you think

Detective Albert Hodgins is a York Region crime fighter. Featured in now 2 books by local author Nanci Pattenden with the next one bringing him to Aurora, 152 years ago as profiled in… Continue reading

Are we there yet?

Before becoming a bedroom community with a neglected and decaying downtown core Aurora was once a hamlet of hotels.  It’s the title of an article that ran the full length of page 8… Continue reading

The Facade of Reason

For the past 6 years I’ve witnessed the Aurora’s Heritage Advisory Committee prove itself to be one of town’s finest facades. I have attended countless meetings and delegated at least a half dozen times… Continue reading