uproar and seven years ago

August 13th marks 7 years since I embarked on this blog. With 1,375 posts covering a wide range of affairs now behind me I can safely say I’m no stranger to Aurora’s machinations… Continue reading

Unfinished Business

This July 20th news release from the town recognizes ProfitGuide naming Richmond Hill the 6th most lucrative place to do business : One day later the Banner reported that Vaughan ranked second best… Continue reading

are we gonna let an elevator bring us down?

Although I agree with the real estate agent quoted in the July 20th edition of the Auroran that “Aurora is losing the entire demographics of 30 and 40 year olds because of the… Continue reading

the trash can is half full

One of only a handful of ways Aurora can actually claim to be providing an exceptional quality of life is through its waste diversion efforts. The Banner reports that Aurora is ahead of… Continue reading

23 birthday towns and Aurora ain’t​ one

Richmond Hill, not Aurora, has been chosen as one of 23 host communities for an immersive mobile dome village celebrating the country’s 150th anniversary next year. We learn that organizers of the sesquicentennial… Continue reading

Gardners, scholars say are the first sign of commitment to a community

The plan for Mavrinac Park that is before council Tuesday favors pickleball over pickles.  Although I’m glad common sense prevailed and Clr. Thom’s push to incorporate a ball diamond to service Aurora King… Continue reading

Life is like a 10 Speed Bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use

This week we learnt that Bike Share Toronto is expanding its bike sharing program. The very same week there were 18 reported collisions involving 20 pedestrians and cyclists, in a span of 24 hours. And… Continue reading

not in the bag

If one bothers to investigate, not that it’s worth your time, Nora Hillary is a background character in her own family, let alone that of the town of Aurora. As one of 9… Continue reading

holding the roll

We are now at the halfway point of 2016 and the Live Stream Video Archive on the town’s website has not been updated once this year. Videos of GC and Public Planning meetings… Continue reading

the case of the incredible disappearing school bus

Last Monday CP24 reported that The Toronto Catholic District School Board will see an additional $40 million in funding over the next two years for capital repairs representing a total of $107 million.… Continue reading

Short Changing Aurora’s Canada Day Parade

There seems to be endless discussion over the Black Lives Matter protest holding up this year’s Toronto Gay Pride parade by 30 minutes. In that same amount of time the entire Canada Day… Continue reading

The book to read is not the one that thinks for you but the one which makes you think

Detective Albert Hodgins is a York Region crime fighter. Featured in now 2 books by local author Nanci Pattenden with the next one bringing him to Aurora, 152 years ago as profiled in… Continue reading

Are we there yet?

Before becoming a bedroom community with a neglected and decaying downtown core Aurora was once a hamlet of hotels.  It’s the title of an article that ran the full length of page 8… Continue reading

The Facade of Reason

For the past 6 years I’ve witnessed the Aurora’s Heritage Advisory Committee prove itself to be one of town’s finest facades. I have attended countless meetings and delegated at least a half dozen times… Continue reading

The Walking Braindead

News Flash.  Kids aren’t walking to school. Nope. Not happening. In fact, the whole notion of walking to school has been eradicated!   Here’s Mayor La-de-Dawe’s tweet on the matter: Instead of accepting… Continue reading

Business As Unusual

Remember all the outcry over the proliferation of election signs around town and how much an eyesore they were during the 2014 municipal election? It appears there isn’t anywhere close to same concern… Continue reading

PAC Mentality

I was interested to read Alison’s June 8th column in The Auroran on Campaign Financing to better understand the pending reforms on the Municipal Elections Act and how they would affect the region… Continue reading

Laffordable Housing

I took this photo on Yonge Street at the south end of town and from the looks of it M.P.P. Chris Ballard is wasting no time in making an impact at his new… Continue reading

An active immagination

Back in April we learned that Aurora’s Regency Acres Public School has been working really hard for the past couple of years to get students up and active at school. That’s right the… Continue reading

A diamond in the rough

In team sports there is always that one player that struggles to keep up but ends up dragging the team down. This was on display at the Town’s GC meeting of April 19th… Continue reading

accredit card declined

While companies headquarters like Magna and Wild Wing are fleeing the Town of Aurora has managed to retain Addiction Canada’s head office at 125 Edward St. Addiction Canada has been in the news recently, and… Continue reading

Supporting an exceptional quality of light for all

Remember the Town of Aurora’s electronic signboard they recently replaced because it never worked, and then once it was replaced they had no clue what messages to place on it? It appears that… Continue reading

Let ‘er Rip

“Rags” was the once loved pet of the Hillaries, now they are literally what is hanging in front of a National Historic Site on Yonge Street. One banner is untethered and wrapped around… Continue reading

Happy Woodland

Remember the Aurora Pet Cemetery that was expected to be open to the public by the end of 2014? It appears that isn’t in the cards until at least 2018. Although the goalposts… Continue reading

5th Annual Bikes For Kids

Put on your super suit this Saturday and wheel over your unused bikes to 5 Illingworth Ct. where they will be serviced and offered back into the community. More details are included in… Continue reading

Ghoul Me Once

David Heard is a gifted speaker and all around heritage dynamo.  Aurora is lucky to have him. It’s always a pleasure to help Mr. Heard promote his ever-evolving series of engaging CreepyTours as… Continue reading

H2Oh Really?

Today is recognized by the United Nations as World Water Day. The same United Nations that the Northern Ontario community of Grassy Narrows has been in the news for approaching with a severe… Continue reading

spinning their wheels

Although they are not officialy a line-item in the Town of Aurora’s budget the Aurora Historical Society is strangely afforded the same consideration in the town’s budget process as others that are: the Aurora… Continue reading

Whose Hour Is It Anyway?

Around the earth last night individuals and cities joined in to play the now established game of grown-up peak-a-boo called Earth Hour. With the exception of North Korea the game ends with everyone turning… Continue reading

put your money where your doubt is

The fiscally conservative high horse the Conservative Party of Canada rode in the 2015 election race that ejected jockey Stephen Harper in a dramatic fall was put down this week with the release… Continue reading