DC Superheroes

Gordon Prentice, a former British MP writes a blog in Newmarket for over 5 years. His February 15th post on Development Charges and their impact concludes with the question: does growth pay for… Continue reading

rubbing salt in the wound

End of January the Error Banner announced that Mayor Dawe was re-elected LSRCA chair. That’s right the chair of LSRCA is the Mayor whose town voted in October 2015 to use road salt… Continue reading

Fawlty Powers

In January news broke that Trump hotel in DC lost $1 Million in 2 months. Closer to home Trump Hotel in Toronto went into receivership last year.  This TorStar piece touches on the… Continue reading

where’s my app?

Last December I posted about my experiences with the town’s Where’s my Plow app and its shortcomings as a useful public engagement tool that represents a cost of over $70,000 to date. It… Continue reading

step it up?

Operating from a baseless premise that many Aurorans aren’t sufficiently active Activate Aurora offers redundant programs with a goal to somehow make the town the “most active” in all of Canada. The only metric… Continue reading

every Tom, Dick and Harry

Back in 2014 Prince Andrew made an appearance in Richmond Hill.  Only minutes away he couldn’t be convinced to visit in person to unveil a plaque so the town had to take it… Continue reading

the bitter sweet taste of hypocricy

Possibly during a sugar low last Wednesday Mayor La De Dawe retweeted this: You mean like hindering kids natural ability to choose their own food and drinks at a public venue? How exactly… Continue reading

Where everybody’s business is nobody’s business

Philip Joyce, a professor at University of Maryland’s school of Public Policy, had a great piece last month on the fundamental ways that running a government is different from running a business. Earlier… Continue reading

dialing back the crazy

At the beginning of the month Mayor Dawe sent his congratulations to the grand opening of 102.7 Canadian Chinese Radio With only 10 days left in the year any congratulations for a radio station opening here… Continue reading

This establishment “passed” the inspection

Public Health inspectors charged Aurora eatery Aw Shucks last Tuesday. You will likely see a green poster in their door welcoming you in. However if you were to visit YorkSafe website you’ll notice… Continue reading

Auto pilot crash

Coming in at $200,000 Mayor Dawe’s street parking pilot crashed and burned with the approval of the town’s 2017 budget. As an early Christmas present to residents the Mayor’s ill-conceived pilot (without input… Continue reading

Aurora’s snow job

There was no sign of a snowplowing on my street the entire day Saturday.  This after a considerable snowfall Friday and facing freezing rain Sunday.  When I was out driving I noticed several… Continue reading

Dick Move

King Henry’s Pub shut down 3 years ago then like the Zombie King it returned, this time under a much funnier name. Well, the laughter is over, and so is the Dick. Without any… Continue reading

Monkeying Around with Surveys

The big news in the world of hacking is surrounding Russian interference with the US election. As that plays out there’s something going on closer to home we need to also get to… Continue reading

G’day, Bruce!

Following on the heels of last year’s efforts that saw a virtual reconstruction of his 680+ year old tomb the University of Glasgow has released the most realistic appearance of Robert the Bruce to-date, based… Continue reading

The Phantom Tollbooth, part 2

At council this evening Toronto’s “bold and honest” Mayor is poised to condone highway robbery (his words) on the DVP. Back in 2011 I wrote a post about road tolls and how they… Continue reading

Silence is Golden

Jamie Lill’s Nov 4th letter to the Banner is a fitting response to Aurora Mayor La De Dawe’s motion concerning the banning of train whistles If Dawe seriously wanted to get a handle on… Continue reading

Let the Midnight Special shine her light on me

On April Fools’ day last year the Auroran reported on council’s decision to convert streetlights to LED at an expected cost of just over $2.5 million. In the piece it was outlined that… Continue reading

Sugar coating the issue

According to ActivateAurora’s delegation to council recently all kids in Aurora are incapable of making healthy choices without parental intervention. The self-righteous presentation portrayed Aurora’s youth as sugar zombies descending upon the SARC… Continue reading

“I wonder where you are, And I wonder what you do…”

No this isn’t a post about the yawnfest line-up of sleeper music acts you’re likely to see at the Aurora “Cultural” Centre. It’s about getting noticed, and using resources effectively to get the… Continue reading

One (Quarter) in the Chamber

I retrieved the Aurora Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Buyers’ Guide from the gutter this morning. It was delivered there separate from any other materials. In the past it has been delivered with the… Continue reading

raise your words, not your voice

It’s 2016 and like everything else libraries are changing, but not all thses changes are desired nor appropriate. Up in Newmarket their library’s CEO thought it was somehow okay to hand out notices… Continue reading


Steve Fleck’s letter in the Nov 10th Auroran tackles how Aurorans get around precisely pointing out how everyone, drives, everywhere for everything.Fleck’s observations are eerily similar to that of Johnny Sanphillippo whose video… Continue reading

building a trench vs. digging a hole

The banners adorning main street in Aurora featuring veterans is an example of an impactful and well-executed project led by the Aurora Legion. By leveraging an underutilized canvas in a public space the Legion… Continue reading

coming in over budget

One of 3 pillars Mayor Dawe’s re-election campaign advanced was Stability. From his website we read: As we move into the next 4 years, if elected, I will continue ensure sound fiscal management… Continue reading

Once the bus goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it blows up. What do you do? What do you do?

When it comes to seniors is the Town of Aurora’s claim to supporting an “exceptional quality of life” authentic? Here is a post on the town’s Facebook page from September 23rd: Look at… Continue reading

“If you play it safe in life you’ve decided that you don’t want to grow anymore.”

It isn’t Aurora’s residents who need to be “activated” it’s Aurora’s business community. Last month after news broke that Magna is extending their stay by 5 years there was no doubt celebration and selfies from… Continue reading

Creating a Diversion

Back in the summer our house was the recipient of a blue GLAD bag paperclipped to this notice: We haven’t participated, nor are we likely to participate in said pilot program as it… Continue reading

Have Tech Expo, Will Travel

So the Aurora Chamber of Commerce held a Tech Expo last month: According to this Auroran piece they invited the Aurora business community … to King. WTF? Read that again. The event was… Continue reading

Echo Park

Back in 2012 Frank Stronach proposed an 83-acre “ecological legacy”  In this March 2013 Banner piece Mayor Dawe is quoted as saying “The park could be under construction by 2014, adding Mr. Stronach… Continue reading