the signs of indifference

The Town of Aurora’s Public meeting regarding Stable Neighbourhoods was 2 weeks ago.  Yet the town is still advertising it via it’s poorly designed lawn signs. Here is a photo of the still bent over P.O.S. at the corner of Hill and Orchard Heights as of today: 2 weeks. I suspect these signs are now […]

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a league of their groan

The Town of Aurora just announced a contest to increase subscriptions to it’s mundane e-newsletter Aurora Mutters: The curious thing here is the prize that was chosen is tickets to see the Toronto Blue Jays. I guess no one on town staff saw a problem with using tax dollars to purchase tickets to a sports […]

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all cam-pain, no gain

They say a fool and his money are soon parted, so seeing as it is April fools it seemed fitting to review the 2018 Municipal election campaign statements to see who the biggest fools in Aurora were last October. Let’s start with School Board Trustee. There really was only one race in 2018; the one […]

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Up in Gunsmoke

I dare you to not read that in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice. It was Jackson who once stated “If you have an opportunity to use your voice you should use it.” The so-called “Voice of Aurora” was given several opportunities yet only used theirs to make empty promise of being “nearly ready to hit the […]

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Yawn Signs

The Town of Aurora claims it wanted your feedback this past Wednesday March 27th at its Public Planning Meeting to deal with the contentious issue of stable neighbourhoods. So much so that they printed up lawn signs that stated this, with an exclamation mark so as to be sure to “get things done”. At that […]

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naming right?

Last January, then Councilor Mrakas tabled a motion that spoke to the importance of naming Library Square: With an almost $40 Million price-tag up for consideration it is clear that this redevelopment will focus on more than the Library. What is not clear is how much longer Aurora will refer to this project as “Library […]

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Be there, and be squared

Tonight the Town of Aurora is holding a special council meeting to provide the perception that they value public input while fully intending to proceed with a plan to build a $Multi-Million building and outdoor square downtown regardless of what public feedback they receive. Minds around the council will not deviate tonight.  It’s time to […]

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