Well this is awk-ward

On September 10 the CBC ran a piece on the change in Aurora from an at large to ward system. One candidate who registered to run as a ward 6 councillor is not only opposed to the ward system, when I confronted him he stated he is actively campaigning to reverse it: The CBC piece […]

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you taught me everything I know about exterior illumination

At the recent September 13th 2022 General Committee meeting there was an item to approve a $200,000 increase for “Street Light Maintenance Services”. Not $200,000 in total. The current contract is $717,500. This would increase the spend to $917,500. The report is very vague, just reads: Includes “banner and Christmas decoration installation”. Why is council […]

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Diversity and Inclusion for some, miniature Aurora flags for others

Some days more than others the town of Aurora feels like Simpson’s Springfield. On Sunday September 25th at the Aurora Public Library Virtual Meet the Candidates event Mayor elect Tom Mrakas felt a lot like Bob Dole. Amongst his scripted list of accomplishments Mrakas stated “Together we’ve demonstrated Aurora’s commitment to diversity and inclusion through […]

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Putting the art before the horse

Back in 2010 the MorMac government set president of rubber stamping the flaming peace in-front of town hall. In addition to commenting on how inspiration for said piece appears to have come from an aftermarket Ford truck grill I pointed out how then Clr MacHeckron was too impatient to wait for a public policy stating […]

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just like falling off a tricycle

I’m curious if accepting campaign donations from Frank Stronach and/or his dysfunctional family comes with the unwritten expectation the sitting Mayor of Aurora do photo-ops riding his latest contraption. Almost 3 years ago I wrote this post on Stronach’s last non-car vehicle failure: BionX. Then touted as “the world’s most advanced – and most desired […]

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Offensensitivity, Actually

I’m proud of the Aurora Public Library raising the bar with it’s most recent staff pick posted to facebook: A pick that no doubt resulted in much pearl clutching by the library board’s resident Ned Flanders. You remember the ass-hat who pushed to censor me a year ago because he was offended by a swear […]

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The bylaw of averages

Back on January 28th the Town of Aurora’s Bylaw Department spokesperson was quoted in the paper stating “our enforcement efforts will be focused on non-compliant businesses”. Because the Town of Aurora has chosen not to communicate the activity of its weekly bylaw enforcement with residents on its own website in an open and transparent manner […]

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Throw Me A Frickin’ Bone Here!

December 10th 2020 Mayor Mrakas stated that “we can’t continue lockdowns”: Yet here we are January 12th and not only have we continued lockdowns but the Province has issued a second state of emergency that includes a stay at home order. Just because an elected official don’t want something to happen doesn’t mean it can’t. […]

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Deplore Aurora

Back at the start of the Pandemic something called “ExploreAurora” was initiated by the Aurora Business Continuity Task Force and managed by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. It is a ghost town, yet if you can make it through the tumbleweeds to the About section it claims that this online guide will include “real time […]

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Grand Theft Photo

The Town of Aurora is running a low effort photo contest: Instead of using actual photos taken in Aurora, showcasing what they are seeking from applicants, they opted for uninspiring Getty stock images: Compelling budding photographers by using “One woman cross country skiing at sunset in ski resort”. because nothing says Aurora like photos from […]

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A half caramel, half vanilla latte, decaf espresso heated only to 100° with nonfat milk and caramel drizzle on top…

Back in August Clr. Rachel Gilliland’s inner teenager leaked out as she took to social media to gush over the opening of a Starbucks: It must be so warming to all the small restaurant and coffee shop owners in town to hear this council member declare she has chosen a large chain coffee shop to […]

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The Greatest Snowman?

Last Monday Clr. Harold Kim posted to a local facebook group regarding issues residents have had with sidewalk plowing this season: Interesting because both the Town of Aurora and the mayor haven’t acknowledged any issues residents have been having through their social channels over the past 2 months. In fact if you go back 2 […]

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The 2020 Town of Aurora Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Mediocrity

Aurora’s Mayor Marakas sends out his annual cookie-cutter Happy New Year message overflowing with self congratulations and back patting that we have come to expect from him. It is no surprise that Mrakas cherry picks the positives while completely failing to address the equal amount of turds. No town, its politicians nor its bureaucrats can […]

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Buck Up Aurora

Photos of Evelyn Buck that news pieces and a few political “friends” have selected to represent her life after her recent passing are from her later years on council and reduce her accomplishments to being the first female mayor of Aurora, and just plain old. How dismissive. The importance the possession of certain genitalia has […]

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sign, steal & deliver?

Earlier today someone at the Town of Aurora attempted to be funny and posted this to their social accounts: The post claims this declaration to be signed all members of council. Here is the official declaration: One of these things look just like the others, and yes it’s the signatures. WTF? Is the Town of […]

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Carbon Biased

When she’s not selling CO2 spewing used appliances on facebook Clr. Gilliland posts to a facebook group I believe she created and moderates called L4G Community Farts or something boring like that. It is a forgettably small group with little content that isn’t just copy pasted from others feeds, little of it actually has to […]

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Aurora’s Perpetual Moron Machine

After dragging its feet for over a decade Aurora has finally adopted a policy to record its closed door meetings. In 2015 Niagara Falls joined several other Niagara municipalities who already record closed-door sessions. This piece states those municipalities include Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie and Welland. That same year in Aurora the majority of council including […]

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Say Journalism, Say Journalism!

Back on November 17th Metroland announced it was launching a new parcel delivery service. Yes the same outfit that cobbles together a paper version of The Error Banner every week and manages delivery of that flaming turd 4 times out of ten. That paper has earned the name Error Banner from its multitude of failings […]

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What’s the Sharepoint?

It is said that however beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. So today let’s take a deep dive on the Town of Aurora’s IT Strategic Plan. In June of 2018 Perry Group Consulting announced that they were “really pleased to have been selected by the Town of Aurora to help facilitate […]

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Keeping it Casual

When the Aurora Holliday Inn officially opened this month nothing could stop the rush of town councillors to get their photo taken at the obligatory photo-op. I’ve taken the liberty to circle some of the issues from this event in a game of “spot the stupid”: 1.) Vanity trumps public health when 9 people are […]

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