street smarts

According to item 6-51 – 34409 Smart Car Replacement (#400-19) of the town’s 2019 capital budget it still owns and operates its 2008 “Smart” car: The last time I saw it being trotted out was when the CAO’s office used it as a glorified shopping cart. The car has proven to have several safety and maintenance […]

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Confucius say…

The town has recently sent out a social media post that says that black plastic is not accepted in the blue bin recycling program: Yet their webpage dedicated to the bluebox program clearly has black plastic under the column “materials accepted”: I would say that is confusing. Also under that list is “coffee cups/hot beverage […]

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Kim’s Inconvenience

Twice Harold Kim has campaigned using the term “Servant leadership”. Monday night proved he has a limited understanding of the majority of Aurorans he serves. He did however clearly show his support for a paltry 1600 or so of them that came forward to petition the sale of a legal substance in our town. You […]

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reduce, confuse, recycle

It’s hard to a day without getting confused by the Town of Aurora’s communication channels. Yesterday it was the status of outdoor ice-rinks, today it is what can and can’t be recycled. So here is social media post by the Town of Aurora stating that they are in no way confused about the matter: Yet […]

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