a centre of sport arrogance

According to the President of Sport Aurora quoted in this April piece in the Banner “Many of our sport facilities are near or at capacity”. Yeah, I don’t think so. The town just approved 2 baseball diamonds at a cost of over $10 Million. A soccer pitch at Stewart Burnett came online in June. Yet 7 […]

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this is your pilot speaking

Stealing a line from Premier Doug’s playbook Dawe is quoted in this April piece in the Auroran as saying: I think there are great opportunities to pick up efficiencies in how our streets work. And just like filling vacant storefronts La De Dawe has failed to take any meaningful action on these great opportunities for now […]

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let bylaws be bylaws

Here in Aurora the wheels of justice turn so slowly when it comes to matters of parking enforsement that it appears one resident couldn’t wait for the town to get their act together. Instead they proactively took one of the town’s current bylaws and printed it out in a memo format and distributed it to […]

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roll back the whim to win

Last year I took the Town of Aurora to task for their lost opportunity to divert waste during their annual clean up day. It appears that someone actually listened, because when participating back in the spring with my youngest daughter we were handed a kit that included a handful of dark garbage bags and clear […]

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is anybody listening?

The Aurora Public Library co-opted the title of a 2012 Queen Latifah film to describe live music it reverberates through its building. The outgoing CEO of the library encouraged the blaring of “joyful noise” and was quoted in the Auroran recently saying:   “When we do things like have a band playing in the living room – […]

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field of schemes

Council’s decision to build two new ball diamonds didn’t make the scoreboard by way of a home run.  It was a long drawn out set of plays involving several foul balls, more than a few errors and after all the dust settles no one left in scoring position. We learn that the lands these new […]

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