Getting Things Dim

I’ve been away from the keyboard for the summer, but I’m back baby and there’s no shortage of stupid going on around town to discuss, so let’s get into it. Upon visiting the SARC today I notice the electric signboard is still down. Recently there was much noise about a new Economic Development Strategic plan […]

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the laws of repulsion

So busy self congratulating themselves on a meaningless ranking in Maclean’s Magazine the Town of Aurora has apparently had no time to respond to citizen inquiries as evidenced by this recent facebook post: When you can’t be bothered to put promotional magnets in citizens hands for them to disseminate you’ve failed as a town. When […]

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Coyote Smugly

Coyote sightings are being shared around local facebook groups, here’s one from 3 hours ago: This June 20th Auroran piece details multiple encounters in the recently developed 2C lands. The article concludes by quoting resident Jamie Kidder that coyotes are “predatory dogs and they will go after kids….It is going to be unfortunate situation.” Only a […]

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A knife place to visit

There seemed to be some commotion at the Aurora No Frills plaza on June 6th: We learn by way of facebook a man was stabbed in the back outside Regency Variety when he refused to provide cigarettes: This was confirmed on two local facebook groups yet there is no news about the incident to be […]

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