Watts The Frequency? – November 12th 2012

The 7th column in this series continues on the theme of innovation.  You can read it here: V13N02P20.pdf Download this file Sara Prevette’s slides from her keynote speach at the 2012 Creative Industries Symposium are available on slideshare here: http://www.slideshare.net/sprevette/the-revolution-has-started To continue on the subject of disruption another piece that didn’t make it into my column […]

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Watts The Frequency? – October 29th 2012

The sixth column in the series focuses in on Innovation, and you can read it here: V12N51P24.pdf Download this file The following are some of the resources I mention in the article: The eight I’s of infinite innovation – Braden Kelley  http://www.mixprize.org/hack/eight-infinite-innovation Ontario’s Regional Economic Development and Innovation Newsletter http://www.utoronto.ca/onris/newsletter/2012_13/newsletter%2012_13/newsletterlink256.htm Creativity, Innovation And Cake – Jeffrey Paul […]

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