On a wing and a prayer


King is eating Aurora’s business for lunch.


Wild Wing , whose “temporary headquarters” were in Aurora,  has followed Magna’s lead and left town for where the real business opportunities are made: King Township.

And can you blame them?  If it wasn’t for a T.V. pilot involved in a lawsuit with OWN that was filmed around town I would have had no clue their headquarters were here.

In the event you missed the only episode from that train wreck here are some pics featuring locations around town:

When one of the town’s aims is to retain and grow businesses, the complete absence of Wild Wing’s presence by the town is yet another in a long list of the town’s missed opportunities.

So with wings now off the menu, Aurora plans to sink its teeth into something that pairs better with cookies: Gelato.

We learn from this February piece in The Auroran that Mayor La-de-Dawe’s 25 years of proven business experience has paid off in landing PreGel Canada after an aggressive pursuit of the company.

The Auroran piece mentions a trip to North Carolina which makes this acquisition seem way more impressive than it really is considering PreGel’s Canadian headquarters were in Woodbridge

Reading our Mayor proclaim“We are doing really well here in Aurora, thank you very much!” before the town’s Chamber of Commerce, an organization that recently imploded under his watch, sounds eerily like the greeting Professor Farnsworth gives to his crew on Futurama.

There’s no point in addressing the town’s past performance in biting off more than it could chew.

Sustaining businesses like Magna and Wild Wing aren’t part of Aurora’s exceptional quality of life.

The secret ingredient for that is just deserts.

Watts on your mind?

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