an inconvenience truth

Christine Elliot who doesn’t clean up her own trash from our riding, doesn’t live in our riding (somewhere in the Annex) and thus doesn’t commute to/from our riding has confirmed by way of a recent tweet that she doesn’t shop in our riding.

It was caught quickly on twitter here:

“ Surely our Health Minister and her staff would have done some background vetting before promoting the establishment as a responsible booze retailer.”


If Elliot, or anyone of her bumbling staff lived in the riding they never would have picked at random the Bayview and Wellington convenience store as their shining example of why beer should be sold in it.

How appropriate is it for Ontario’s Health Minister to single out a store that served an underage youth less than a year ago as the reason the province should put beer into convenience stores?

Is it the Health minister’s position that convenience is valued more than health and well being?

Another inconvenient truth about this piss poor example was pointed out on twitter:

“There’s a Sobey’s across the street that sells beer, and it’s open an hour later than Andrew’s.  Also LCBO and Beer Store within 5 minutes.”

You couldn’t have picked a worse example to make a case for convenience if you tried.

There are many of us that live, work and play in Aurora.

Elliot does none of these.

As a Charity McGrath apologist and a candidate who admitted to campaigning without seeing a fully costed platform from her own party it is rich that Elliot claimed the OPC a Toxic brand without recognizing her own contributions to it.

As our Health Minister she’s fine with removing sedation for colonoscopies to find half a billion dollars in saving from OHIP to spend double that amount to break the contract with The Beer Store.


We now learn from Global news that Elliot gleefuly complied with the parties orders to sell the OPC’s message without any thought as to how it applies to her riding, likely because it would be far to inconvenient for her not to.

If Elliot’s priorities are finding the closest corner store to get booze for herself, then she can cite an example of wherever she lives, but insulting those in her riding so she can waive the OPC’s “F the people” banner proud further proves the inconvenient truth that she is as equally unfit for public service as our “buck-a-fear” premiere.

Watts on your mind?

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