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Municipalities consider dog waste to be a dilema, not a lost cause. In 2018 Municipal World identified the risks and impacts and outlined solutions:

As a result several municipalities have risen to meet the challenge.

Here’s how Toronto “gets things done”:

In 2018, the City audited Garbage and Blue Bins in a number of Toronto parks and found that approximately 84 per cent of waste in bins next to Dog Off-Leash Areas was organic waste (dog poop). To help reduce the amount of dog poop and organics ending up in the garbage or recycling, the City of Toronto has installed Green Bins in all Dog Off-Leash Areas in parks.

Here’s how Mississauga “gets things done”:

The City of Mississauga has launched a one-year pilot program that converts dog waste into renewable energy and fertilizer. A number of in-ground dog waste containers will be installed across City parks including the Animal Services facility.

Here’s how Vancouver “gets things done”:

Vancouver has red bins in five parks and an official told CTV News that over a two-year period, the program has diverted more than 14,000 kilograms of dog waste from the landfill.

And here’s how Waterloo “gets things done”:

Waterloo became the first city in Ontario to implement dog-waste containers in three parks. After four months of testing in the summer of 2017, the three containers were found to have diverted 2,350 kilograms of dog waste from landfill. Instead, the waste ends up in an organic waste plant where it is converted into electricity.

In “just those three sites, we’ve actually redirected tonnes of dog waste from landfill sites, we’ve diverted half a tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere and we’ve generated enough electricity to power 100 homes for a month,” Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky said.

So how do things get done in Aurora exactly?

Well the town’s response to pet waste being deposited in the garbage can at Murray Drive and Kennedy Street West area was simply to remove the can.

Here’s an excerpt from the May 7, 2019 General Committee Meeting minutes:

If you want to watch that exchange on video it is between: 2:07:57 – 2:09:34

That was May of 2019.

At that point the Town of Aurora was already a healthy year and a half behind the ball of the other municipalities highlighted above.

It is now 17 months later, so what progress has been made?

Well according to a local facebook group a sign has been added to one of the town’s garbage can:

Although this is huge improvement from removing said cans it does beg a bunch of questions.

1.) The message includes a thinly veiled threat that the garbage can will be removed. It does not cite any council resolution that directed staff to reduce service levels potentially creating additional problems instead of proactively addressing said issues.

I am unaware of staff placing any resolution before council recommending a course of action similar to the other municipalities listed above that have successful diverted their pet waste without reducing service levels.

2.) The sign placed on the garbage can looks so amateur it is being called into question as being official.

Is this sign from the Town of Aurora or not? Even after questions are asked, the town hasn’t answered them.

This is dog-shit level communications.

3.) Where is the community engagement in answering the valid questions n social channels where they arise?

4.) Where is the link to the town’s website for more information?

5.) Where is the education campaign as to the town’s new reduced service level and expectations? I see no”Engage Aurora” discussion on this issue.

Hey Town of Aurora Dog poop is your problem.

It’s collectively the town’s problem and removing garbage cans without providing alternatives or circulating confusing signs and not responding to citizens when they call you out on your dog-shit approach is not getting things done.

I suggest you take a hard long look at how your peers are handling this situation and get your shit together before residents borrow an idea from that Aurora resident who mailed their garbage to Green for life back in 2015, decide to mail their dog shit bags to your Executive Leadership Team in protest.

Watts on your mind?

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