Carbon Biased

When she’s not selling CO2 spewing used appliances on facebook Clr. Gilliland posts to a facebook group I believe she created and moderates called L4G Community Farts or something boring like that.

It is a forgettably small group with little content that isn’t just copy pasted from others feeds, little of it actually has to do with the Town of Aurora at all. Case and point today she posted this:

Gilliland’s post reads as nothing more than Fox News style manufactured rage typed hurriedly into a phone from atop a toilet. Hurr Durr Trudope bad!

One has to wonder why Clr. Gilliland is so concerned about Premiere Ford’s opinion about a Federal carbon tax. Instead of backing up her concerns with fact she chose to echo the premiere’s monosyllabic word spew that carbon tax is “worst thing you could ever see”. Luckily a fellow Auroran took the time and effort to do what Clr. Gilliand was unable or unwilling to:

On the subject of avoidance, instead of doing the hard work like our Prime Minister of making announcements, Ford has gone on early holiday and is sneaking in tweets of him eating ice cream as covid number rise:

One has to wonder why Gilliland would chose to listen to this embarrassment stuffing his face hole on the subject of carbon tax over say the Pope.

So much for Gilliland being a neutral member at the council table when it comes to tackling climate change municipally, provincially or federally.



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