Makin’ their way. The only way they know how

The City of Richmond Hill’s official motto, “En la rose je fleuris” is derived from the Duke of Richmond’s coat-of-arms. During the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century Richmond Hill was the largest supplier of roses in Canada.

In the 21st century Richmond Hill is poised to be Ontario’s most dysfunctional city, with its politicians swiftly replacing all those roses with the manure they are grown in.

So we can get a better picture on what exactly is going on with our neighbours to the south let’s start by reviewing the cast of characters that are frantically waiving the flag of “Rules for thee, not for me!

1.) Tom Muench – Ward 2 Councillor

Muench is no stranger to being in the news, in fact he was recently featured this month having been discovered travelling during covid over the holidays.

Anyone else believe the reason Muench consciously chose to break quarantine and potentially spread covid-19 in his community was that if he didn’t deliver said gifts he would have to disclose to those recipients that he was in quarantine, and thus travelled while on holiday during lockdown?

In August of 2020 Muench is accused of trespassing on private property. What’s even worse is said property owner said Muench has been “targeting” him because they had a lot of differences in the past when the owner worked as the chairperson of the Village of Richmond Hill Business Improvement Area (BIA).

Holy fuck!

But hang onto your buck a beer because it gets better.

In November of 2019 There is video of Muench pulling over a resident in a traffic stop flashing his business card like a cop badge? And in true Hazzard county style the resident he pulls over says he smelt booze on his breath.

His apologies in 2018 for not one but several code of conduct breaches seem minor by comparison.

2) Karen Cilevitz – Ward 5 Councillor

Last month we learned this Ward 5 Councillor had been criminally charged.

Cilevitz’s other abuses of office over the past years are plentiful and I outlined them in my December post so there is no reason to repeat them here.

3.) Greg Beros – Ward 1 Councillor

Back in 2019 Beros was honoured on City’s Remembrance Day banners – even though he is alive, and never served in active combat. Lest we forget the absolute shameless.

Also in 2019 Beros wasn’t clear on how he submits his campaign expenses. A report was produced that showed there are “reasonable grounds” to believe that Beros has not complied with the requirements of the Municipal Elections Act.

Two years prior he took the city to court over  the way the municipality handled sexual harassment allegations against him. We learn that the Ontario superior court of justice divisional court said that Beros had not been vindicated and instead, must pay the town $15,000 for legal fees associated with his latest actions against the town.

Beros also has a questionable bankruptcy filing back in 2014 where he lost, and then gained back his house.


4.) Carmine Perrelli – Regional Councillor

Last year Perrelli was identified as having an aversion to attending regional council meetings., a responsibility of the job he was elected to. The spin he provided was he was not attending them as some kind of service so that another councillor could get the experience for filling in for him.

Yeah right.

Back in 2014 Perrelli spent $5,434.21 for a controversial townwide mailing, charging the town despite being told several times he did not have authority to do so, according to the integrity commissioner report

Boss Hogg don’t give no shits, charge it to the city!

5.) Joe DiPaola – Regional Councillor

In September of 2020 self congratulatory signs featuring the City’s Joe DiPaola’s name started appearing around the city. The signs were from some shitty golf tournament Joe held but the signs themselves neglected to mention that instead they featured his name in the largest font, and almost illegible is the town’s crest and the name of the charity the funds were raised for.

This article also points out that pointed out Joe Piolla’s wife Charity DiPaola sits on the board of directors of Abuse Hurts, the agency where DiPaola said the proceeds of the golf tournament was going. You may remember his wife, because before she took his last name she was Charity McGrath, the Newmarket-Aurora candidate that Doug Ford curb stomped due to a huge nomination scandal.

In that March 2018 piece that investigates this claims that canvassers were instructed by McGrath campaign executives and key team members, such as her husband, Joe DiPaola, to approach a door and represent themselves as people “who are making sure everyone is registered for the upcoming election,” not mentioning it as a PC nomination.

As the least fashion conscious of all the council members, I wonder if he does his canvassing in his Mr. Rogers sweater:

and stylish ear muffs:

Is this really the best you can do Richmond Hill?

Charles Lennox, 4th Duke of Richmond for which the City of Richmond Hill was named died over 200 year ago. The cause was determined at the time to be rabies from a fox bite. But that seems even that fact is now being question with a more likely cause being years of alcoholic excess.

Given what residents of the City are having to have endured for the past few years this seems like a fitting about face.

The roses are gone, everything smells like shit, booze and puke and the majority of the town’s elected officials are not only incapable of leading by example they are actively engaged in ways to circumvent the policies they are elected to manage.

In reading up on the official motto I stumbled upon this 2017 garbage piece from the Toronto Scum that claims the city’s unofficial motto is “A little north, a little nicer“.

I guess this counts as “Straightenin’ the curves and flattenin’ the hills” but if this departure from the city’s official motto mentioned previously is to be taken seriously, then the 5 council members listed above that are doing everything in their power to dispense with the niceties need to be fired.

But seeing as they are elected officials and that’s “just a little bit more than the law will allow” I guess we have to wait out the rest of the council term to see exactly how much hazzard Richmond Hill residents will elect in 2022.

Watts on your mind?

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