every Tom, Dick and Harry


Back in 2014 Prince Andrew made an appearance in Richmond Hill.  Only minutes away he couldn’t be convinced to visit in person to unveil a plaque so the town had to take it to him.  That didn’t stop the town from falsely claiming that he actually visited the park on their official website.

Prince Andrew also snubbed the town back in 2001, as did Prince Edward:


Now we learn that Prince Harry has also deemed a visit to Aurora unworthy of his time while he is in Toronto this September.

If only the glorious 98-room Microtel Inn and Suites was operational in time I’m sure it would have tipped the balance in our favor.

Having nothing to offer to entice members of the royal family the town needs to get back to the task at hand; providing an exceptional quality of life to every Tom, Dick and Harry instead of throwing themselves at the feet of the one or two that couldn’t give two fucks about us.

Anyone left with delusions of being whisked away by a fairytale prince or princess can test their luck on their own time down at the Mackenzie marsh kissing frogs.

Watts on your mind?

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