Belinda’s Millions


2.5 years ago Aurora’s own Paris Hilton was pimping out a $200/month protein powder as covered in the Financial post.

Yesterday the LA Times ran a piece on the 73-page suit filed against Belinda as chairman and president of The Stronach group.

The contents of the suit were first reported by the Thoroughbred Daily News.  The Toronto Star also ran their take.

After botching up a political career Belinda left behind Magna in 2010 to another appointment, this one to run the family named business.

It appears this has  been one wild ride.  The statement of claim asserts:

“Belinda would show up for scheduled meetings hours late, or sometimes not at all. Frank has also become aware that Belinda has hired, and continues to hire, her friends and acquaintances to occupy positions of authority in The Stronach Group that they are unqualified to fulfill,” 

Wow.  Not exactly an endorsement you want from the founder of the company, but from her own father?

The lawsuit also alleges Belinda led an extravagant lifestyle that has drained the company in excess of $70 million.

My 2016 piece touched on the failed music venture with Gene Simmons, costs of which are unknown.

In addition to the local charity that has her name emblazoned on it, what else has she been sprinkling money on that we know of?

Oh, that’s right she throws money at municipal politicians in hopes that some stick.

In Aurora it did.

Here are some snapshots from the publicly available campaign expenses filed for the 2014 election.

John Abel – $500


Michael Thompson – $500


Thompson’s filings also show an additional $500 amount from Stronach Consulting Corp:


Tom Mrakas – $750:


Mayor Geoff Dawe – $750:


Plus an additional $750 from Stronach Consulting Group:


That brings us to a total of $3,750 spent by Stronach and the Stronach Consulting Group on the 2014 Aurora Municipal election that assisted in the election of our Mayor and 3 of 8 councilors.

All of these candidates are seeking election in 2018.

All of them have used terms such as “leadership” and “fiscal restraint” to describe their platforms.

I guess words are cheap when it’s someone else’s money.


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