just like falling off a tricycle

I’m curious if accepting campaign donations from Frank Stronach and/or his dysfunctional family comes with the unwritten expectation the sitting Mayor of Aurora do photo-ops riding his latest contraption.

Almost 3 years ago I wrote this post on Stronach’s last non-car vehicle failure: BionX. Then touted as “the world’s most advanced – and most desired – e-bike propulsion system” ended up being bullshit. A fitting match for its rider in that photo-op, former Mayor La-de-Dawe.

Stronach’s response to that turd appears to be adding a third wheel. This time the claim is this SARIT “will change transportation in the world.”

On cue, enter rider Mayror Mrakas:

First off Mayor Mrakas obviously has no clue what he’s riding. The SARIT is a trike, not a car. There’s not even a steering wheel. But honestly what does our mayor know about small vehicles anyway, he drives one of those over compensating trucks.

Secondly, it will be a long, long way in the future before you gaze upon anything like this on any roads around here. This thing is obviously built for an export market.

Could you imagine the average Auroran trying to use this during the winter, around the numerous potholes and sinkholes around town or god forbid on any 4 lane or greater road alongside SUV’s or even the Mayor’s truck?

While Aurora’s mayor is posing for photos, Whitchurch-Stouffville’s mayor is getting things done, welcoming Stronach’s business saying “This is exactly the type of commercial industrial development we want in the community.”

Wait, is it not the type of commercial industrial development Aurora wants in its community?

Sure Frank located his restaurant here, but presented with options to set up a headquarters he isn’t choosing to do so in Aurora.

Why not?

At least Dawe went and moved the headquarters of a gelato place from Woodbridge to Aurora to distract from Magna’s planned exit from town.

Last summer Magna extended its lease and Mrakas went to the presses as though Magna’s decision was something that resulted solely about him and his “business leadership” he gave the town an insight to when he was a councillor.

There is no doubt Magna is still planning an exit from Aurora.

The blow could have been lessened if Mrakas was able to use his leadership prowess to land the headquarters for these clown trikes in town, but that appears to have been too herculean a task for him to get done.

So to recap Whitchurch-Stouffville get the business, while here in Aurora we settle for or mayor riding around in a trike he thinks is a car.


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